About innovative 99

We innovative consultancy services has been established in the year 2014. During field execution of construction activities, it has been observed that large gap is there between practical and theoretical concepts and so do for the other engineering fields. In order to bridge these gaps through audits, trainings, guidance and problem solving vision these services for Construction, Quality, Creativity, Art and Craft, Innovation, Career guidance and professional trainings got initiated.

Jaikumar LLP Nashik company had given a platform to motivate skill improvements and later after a grand success other companies have started encouraging our efforts in Pune, Nashik, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

For Career Guidance we got opportunity and guidance trainings through Dheya for getting all categories of career guidances. At the same time we got industrial expert tie ups with Job Guides and trainers for increasing our strengths.

For creativity we had our Art and Craft expert as a lead in the services. Together we are growing as a complete team of various field experts.


To Design and Improve Construction Quality Management Systems for the customers, with Process audits and Trainings for overall Quality Improvements and Resource savings.


Develop Quality Management System to meet the best Customer Satisfaction in the Industry resulting overall organizational up-gradations and skill enhancements.

Our Professional Skill

QMS Design
Construction Solution
Visual Sops
Art & Craft Work
2D & 3D Models
Career Guide

Our Services

Construction Quality

  • QMS Design
  • Training
  • Audits
  • Quality Problems and their Solutions
  • Visual SOPS

Career Guidance

  • Resume Building.
  • Interview Preparations.
  • Job Guidance.
  • Career Guidance For Students, Early and Mid Career Professionals through Dheya module.

Art and Craft

  • Elementary and Intermediate Tuition classes
  • Murals, Wall Hangings and Handicrafts
  • Landscape and Abstract Paintings
  • 2 D and 3 D Educational models
  • Stage Backdrops and Decorations


  • Best QMS Management Designer by VJ associates.
  • Works On Best Concrete Structure in Kumkang.
  • Outstanding GET trainer award.
  • Danesita Industries Award for Cost effective Solutions.
  • Judge for Projects at DY Patil College of engineering.
  • The most rated Trainer for water proofing.
  • The Most efficient Concrete Mix Design at Nashik.
  • Career Guide and Mentor Certified and trained by Dheya.
  • Appreciation for completing 300+ Trainings in 5 years.
  • Best QMS Consultancy services offered.
  • Indian Plumbing League Participant Top 10

Our Professionals

team member
Pranita R. Bais
9623926222 pranita@innovative99.com

Owner & Innovative 99
Art & Craft Expert.
B.A, A.T.D, JD Art, DPE.
10 Years of Experience in the Field of Art & Craft.
Hands of Expertise on Murals, landscape, 3D Modelling, Decoration & Stage back drops, Wall Hangin etc..

team member
Raghawendrasingh Bais
9922221906 raghawendra@innovative99.com

20 Years in Construction Quality Field with real estate, Townships, Commercials, Infrastructure, ISO 9001:2015, Six Sigma Material & Process Design Expertise in construction.
Training Expert with more than 450+ training for engineers.
Dheya Certified Career Mentor & Associated with Indian Plumbing & Indian Concrete Association Actively.

team member
Prashant M. Solankey
8180871580 prashant@innovative99.com
15 Years of work Experience in the field of Job Guidance for Industrial & various sectors.
team member
Sameer Singh
8975430726 sameer@innovative99.com

Expert in System Improvement, QMS
Manufacturing Industry, Mechanical Industry
Expertise in ISO 9001:2015
Kaizen, Pokeyoko, APQP &
PPAP7, Six Sigma DPU &
DPMO Calculation 7QC
Tools. PPM Calculation.

Quality & Management Service

Art & Craft


  • Creator can not be an investigator, so third observation required.
  • Need to Reduce Time, Cost, Improve Design and Efforts wastages Factors.
  • Microscopic vision on material selection and Process violations and their performances/wastages. Effective use of available resources.
  • Detailed pre-possession audits with vision to ensure customer satisfaction to the best possible results based on Sample Flat/ Show flat approved.
  • Customer awareness on Allowable defects and their acceptable tolerance limits as per Standards in case of complaint resolution.
  • Knowledge and skill enhancement of staff and contractors for preventive measures and motivation to site through live demo’s.
  • Problems and their practical solutions with future preventive measures in the available resources with design, process, material modifications.

Before and In Process Audits

  • Material, Design and Process Deviations are addressed on time through Demo’s.
  • Material and Process Improvements, Quality, Time saving, Workmanship, Design Improvements.
  • Reduces Major Customer complaints drastically through Prevention is better than cure mode.
  • Wastage and Rework costs can be minimized through effective root cause analysis and in process checks.
  • Awareness and Knowledge Upgradation giving scope for value added engineering and overall improvements.

Pre-possession Audits

  • Most of the deviations have only enveloping rectification solutions.
  • Not possible as there is no scope for improvements work has been done and only rectifications possible.
  • Outside observations are done on visual basis and inside story can not be predicted may increase complaints in future with maintenance.
  • Wastage and Rework cost can not be controlled as defective execution has been initiated already.
  • Its like only doing post mortem of the material or process that has been already executed.

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